Lens Options

Lens Options

Having cataract surgery involves choosing an Intraocular Lens (IOL) implant that meets your lifestyle and vision needs. Dr. Bryan Pechous, MD is pleased to offer advanced Lifestyle IOL options that will allow you to renew your vision and regain your lifestyle, not only eliminating cataracts but reducing your dependence on glasses and contact lenses at the same time!

Multifocal/Accommodative IOL

  • Designed to eliminate cataracts and correct presbyopia
  • Provides full range of vision – near, far and intermediate
  • Less dependence on glasses and contacts



Astigmatism-Correcting Monofocal Lens

  • Designed to correct astigmatism
  • Eliminates cataracts
  • Provides distance vision, usually without glasses.
  • Glasses may be needed for reading

Monofocal IOL

  • Lens with a single focal point
  • Eliminates cataracts
  • Provides clearer distance vision with High Definition Laser Cataract Surgery™
    (reading glasses will still be necessary)
  • Glasses for all distances will be necessary with standard cataract surgery